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2006 - 2010 THE THIRD EYE - European Capital of Culture Ruhr.2010
2006 - 2007 Cybercity Viehofer Straße
04/2007 Morphing Machinery, DEAF 2007
05/2006 Touch Me Touch Me Cybercity Workshop
1993-2000 Cybercity Biennale, Electric Skin, Pandoras Box

04/2007 Morphing Machinery & Mobi Senior at DEAF07
(Dutch Electronic Art Festival)
Thema: INTERACT OR DIE! Rotterdam, Niederlande

A Cybercity project for the DEAF 2007 exhibition done in collaboration
with Fine Art students from the Willem de Kooning Acadamie in Rotterdam
that explored the world of nanotechnology, and takes as it thematic
foundation a new urban landscape filled with transforming machines and
architectural forms in motion. Just as plants grow and alter their
structures over time our machines, buildings and environments may in the
future reconfigure themselves based on environmental and programming
influences. Our cities will then become alive in a real sense as they will
change and evolve in ways that more resemble the growth in a forest."
den text habe ich von der deaf-webseite: